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Major Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease Identified

An international team of scientists have identified two specific types of bacteria and a specific virus as major causes of Alzheimer’s disease. Their research, was has just been published online in the Journal of Alzheimer’s disease, not only indicates that certain microbes have a major part to play, but that further research is vital to trial anti-microbial treatments for the disease. Most elderly people have microbes and viruses in their central nervous system which remain there in latent form. Although these microbes are usually dormant, they can be reactivated as a result of stress or immunosuppression.
The team’s conclusions are based on a large amount of data which has already implicated these microbes as being a cause for AD. These findings have previously been dismissed as being controversial, despite all the evidence that suggests otherwise. Until now, any proposals for funding of clinical trials related to these microbes has been refused, even though treatments based on it might be able to slow down or completely stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
One of the editorial’s authors, Professor Douglas Kell, stated that dormant microbes were found in what were supposed to be sterile red blood cells, a finding which has considerable implications for blood transfusions. He also stated that there is now irrefutable evidence that there is a dormant microbial component that is responsible for Alzheimer’s and that this component can be awakened and by removing this iron, can either slow down or prevent cognitive degeneration.
It’s also believed that the presence of microbes in the blood may play a large role in the cause of systemic inflammation, which is one of the main characteristics of Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, there is a wealth of evidence to suggest that microbes can cause neuro-inflammation and the formation of the amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer’s.
In light of their findings, the team are proposing that further research is carried out to assess the role of these microbes in Alzheimer’s disease causation, and that trials of anti-microbial therapy are also justified.

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