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How to Post

How to become a Neuro News Contributor

  • If you would like to register as a contributor on the Neuro News website please email us at info@neuro-news.co.uk with a username that may be publicly displayed, your personal or company details and a brief personal or company bio written in the third person.
  • Once we have received your details we will set you up with a contributor account and send you login details allowing you to post articles to our blog. For further instructions, please read the tutorial below on ‘How to’ post.
  • Alternatively if you would like to provide an article but would prefer the Neuro News team to post on your behalf then please email us at info@neuro-news.co.uk.
  • Articles must be free from copyright infringements and cite all primary sources.
  • Articles are free to cover a broad range of topics however content must be relevant to the Neuro News website.

How to Post

Log in to the Neuro News WordPress as per the instructions provided in your email.

You will find yourself at the ‘Dashboard’.

From the left hand column select option ‘Posts’ and ‘Add New’.

Choose an appropriate title and add to ‘Enter title here’. This title will appear on the website once published and should be both interesting and informative. Please capitalise all words except for internal closed-class words.

In the large text box please free type or copy and paste your article. If you are composing your article in Microsoft Word please be aware that all text must be copied and pasted from MS Word in to Notepad to avoid any formatting issues. The text may then be copied and pasted directly in to this text box. The post will need an introduction, body, and conclusion and all paragraphs must be separated with a line.

You have the option to use the Microsoft Word style tool bar to make some adjustment to text like BOLD Italic etc.

There is also the option to create a link to a website or web page by highlighting text and using the’Create a Link’ button from the tool bar. PLEASE NOTE – If a link is included there will be an option to ‘Open link in a new window/tab’. Please ensure that this box is ticked before saving.

Categories – Please select one category that best matches the subject of your post.

Tags – Please browse and select from the most used tags or add new tags to your post as required.

Featured Image – If you would like to add an image to your post please click on ‘Set Featured Image’ and select or upload an appropriate image. All images are subject to copyright infringement requirements and must be licensed for commercial reuse.

WordPress SEO – At the very bottom of the page you will need to add the title of your post to the three boxes marked ‘Focus Keyword’, ‘SEO Title’ and ‘Meta Description’

Preview – To check that your post is correct and ready to publish please click on ‘Preview’ or ‘Save Draft’. If you choose to ‘Save Draft’ you will be able to log out and log back in again at a later time to continue.

Publish Status – If you are ready to post your article please click on ‘Publish’. If you would like to delay the publication of your article until a later date please ‘Edit’ and use the drop down boxes to select a date and time.