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Our highly specialised personal injury solicitors have in-depth experience in dealing with complex compensation claims for adults and children who have suffered brain injury. A brain injury can have a major long-term impact on the life of the sufferer and often on his or her friends and family. Ensuring the right amount of compensation is paid can give someone access to the support they need throughout their lives and ease the care load for loved ones.

Compensation plays an important part in the recovery process since it can enable better treatment and more rehabilitation than would be available on the NHS. Rehabilitation may not reverse the effects of a brain injury but it can increase recovery and be used to find coping strategies to lessen the impact of ongoing symptoms.

The symptoms of acquired brain injury are unique to each individual. They can include problems with memory, concentration, speech, mobility, and personality and behavioural changes. A range of specialist medics is needed to properly assess the injuries for the purposes of the claim.

This kind of compensation claim is complex and requires a personal injury solicitor with specialist experience in the area of brain injuries and an understanding of the ongoing implications for people’s lives.

Our team has many years experience and specialist knowledge pursuing claims for adults and children who have suffered brain injuries. The breadth of experience in our personal injury team means it is likely that we have already succeeded in recovering compensation in similar circumstances to yours. We actively support and are on the approved lawyer lists of Headway the national charity for adults with brain injury and the Child Brain Injury Trust. We are approved UKABIF lawyers. Many of our lawyers are involved in the Kent Acquired Brain Injury Forum, a regional group of UKABIF. We work in a supportive, considered and clear way, and are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome to secure our clients’ long-term welfare. We can help you with applications to the Court of Protection for appointing a Deputy to manage the money of someone who has suffered brain injury or for setting up a personal injury trust."