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London, 5 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3BF

We are one of the leading brain injury law firms in the United Kingdom. We have the specialist knowledge, experience and understanding to deal with complex head injury claims.

We have worked with many of the leading figures in brain injury rehabilitation in the United Kingdom. We are therefore able to select the most appropriate experts to help accurately assess and evaluate the claim. On average our clients receive compensation in excess of £2 million. In complex claims early intervention is important as it enables us, in appropriate cases, to obtain interim payments from the Defendant. Interim payments can make a real difference by providing the funds for private rehabilitation, re-housing, the implementation of care and case management and the provision of continuing rehabilitation post-discharge.

Our clients have differing needs, not all of which are directly connected to the litigation process. We adopt a holistic approach which includes access to an independent living advice service and a range of leading brain injury case managers. When the case is won, we also advise on the setting up of trusts to protect means tested benefits and on the investment of damages through our links with specialist financial advisors. We provide advice and assistance with Court of Protection issues for those clients unable to manage their financial affairs.

We have successfully recovered millions of pounds in compensation for brain injured clients over the last year.