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Scrivenger Seabrook Solicitors are experienced in dealing with cases of head and brain injury.

A brain injury can have some complex effects as is not surprising. These might be:-

  • Physical (such as difficulty walking or moving limbs)
  • Cognitive (such as lack difficulty concentrating or searching for words)
  • Social, emotional, and behavioural (such as disinhibition - acting in a manner which is inconsistent with social etiquette).

In order to diagnose the extent of and effect of a brain injury scans such as MRI and CT may be required as well as neuropsychological assessment.

Scrivenger Seabrook Solicitors are alert to the need to assess rehabilitation options through organisations such as Papworth Trust as early as possible following the accident. Such rehabilitation costs are likely to be capable of being claimed as interim payments pending full expert evaluation for the purposes of any damages assessment or agreed compromise.

Rehabilitation treatments might include:-

  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Behavioural or psychological therapy

It may also be necessary to appoint a Case Manager to assist in putting together a package of therapy, care and provision of aids and equipment for the victim.