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Abbots House, Abbey Street, Reading, RG1 3BD

We are one of the UK's highest rated teams of personal injury lawyers and specialise in recovering maximum compensation for all types of accidents and injuries.

We guarantee that there will be no cost to you or your family if you lose. Our expert personal injury lawyers will work to ensure that you recieve the maximum level of compensation available to you.

We understand that if you have suffered an accident or personal injury, your life may have been changed or altered permanently. Our expert personal injury lawyers will help you to claim compensation and get the right medical care, rehabilitation and support that you and your family may need.

We know that making a personal injury claim may seem overwhelming. Our personal injury lawyers are all highly experienced and will help you understand how the personal injury claims process works and what is happening at each stage, simply and clearly.

Wherever possible we will try to get part of your compensation paid early to help with rehabilitation or fund private healthcare if required. We will also give you clear advice on dealing with your employer as well as financial issues and benefits, if needed.