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Could sugary drinks be affecting our sleep?


We’ve all heard about the effect of sugary drinks on our diet, our health and our teeth, but now a group of researchers from San Francisco believe that these drinks also have the ability to affect the length of time that we sleep. According to the results of their study carried out at UC San Francisco, people who get five or fewer hours ...

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Don’t Blame The Turkey For Making You Feel Sleepy!

roast Turkey

The Christian world is gearing up to celebrate. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year – we’re going to be eating and drinking far more that we usually would, and all in the name of giving thanks. There’s no doubt about it; this time of year can be a food lover’s dream, however we all know the feeling of needing to sleep off ...

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Why We Experience the Hypnogogic Jerk as We Drop Off to Sleep

We’ve all experienced those weird twitches just as we’re dropping off to sleep. Sometimes it feels like we’re falling and it can jolt us awake. Sometimes it’s just an involuntary movement of our bodies. Scientists report that between 60 and 70% of us have experienced these sleep twitches, with children experiencing them most often. In fact it even has a ...

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What’s Going on in Your Brain when You Can’t Sleep?


No doubt we’ve all had nights where, no matter how hard we try, we can’t sleep. And no doubt we’ve all had occasions where we’ve had to battle to stay awake. You know the feeling, where you’re willing your brain to stay awake, but you just can’t control your eyelids and no matter how hard you try, you just keep ...

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How a Fly May Lead Us to the Secret of Sleep


It’s been suggested that the amount of sleep needed for optimum health is eight hours. However, it appears that many of us seem to get by perfectly well on much less. This is mainly due to differences in genetics, as has been suggested in recent research published in the latest edition of Current Biology, where scientists identified the two genes ...

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Poor Sleep Linked with Alzheimer’s Disease


While we all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep, new research has shown that sleeping soundly for 8 hours may also help to protect the brain against the memory decline seen in conditions such as Alzheimer’s. A reduction in deep non-REM sleep may cause a build up of toxic proteins The study, which was carried ...

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While you were Sleeping ….. your Brain was Wide Awake

While you were Sleeping ….. your Brain was Wide Awake

Whether you get a good 8 hours sleep every night or you always feel like you could do with an extra hour in bed, there’s no doubt that your body needs sleep to function effectively. But there’s more to sleep than just topping up your energy reserves; your brain needs this time to carry out a variety of tasks that ...

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Can Sleeping-in Shorten your Life Span?

Can Sleeping-in Shorten your Life Span

In a University of Cambridge report that is shocking and disappointing to late-sleepers and snooze-button-hitters everywhere, studies are revealing that those who get more than eight hours of sleep per night have an increased risk of stroke. And the risk doubles for older long-sleepers. Even more frustrating is that we don’t exactly know why Researchers from the University of Cambridge’s ...

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HD – melatonin levels changes affect sleep

Does sleep loss affect brain size?

Those of you who find yourself lying in bed with your mind on overdrive, desperate for sleep, will appreciate that it can be far less easy for those who suffer from Huntington’s disease according to new research. It’s a well known fact that nearly 80% of Huntington’s disease sufferers experience sleep disturbances. These can include the length of time it takes to fall asleep, changes in what the ...

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