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International Conference: Clinical Update Sleep 2016

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This one-day international conference is aimed at doctors, nurses, respiratory physiotherapists, neurologists, psychiatrists, scientists, sleep technicians and other professionals with an interest in sleep medicine.   5 CPD points have been awarded by the Royal College of Physicians. Modern lifestyle has resulted in a significant increase in patients reporting symptoms of hypersomnia and insomnia. The association of obesity with obstructive ...

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Could Some People be Hardwired to Prefer High Calorie Food?

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Have you ever wondered why you’re more inclined to choose a bar of chocolate rather than a piece of fruit? While you may have put it down to willpower, it now appears that some of us may have brains that are ‘hardwired’ to have cravings for foods which have a high fat and sugar content. Researchers at Imperial College London ...

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Obese People Are More Likely to Develop Meningioma

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People who are obese are 50% more likely to develop a common type of brain tumour known as a meningioma. This statistic was revealed in a new study carried out by scientists at the German University of Regensburg, and published in a recent edition of the journal Neurology. The study, which looked at data from over 6,000 people with brain ...

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The Nine Most Common Risk Factors Associated With Alzheimer’s

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A recent study has identified the nine most common risk factors associated with Alzheimer’s; although the good news is that they’re all potentially preventable. While there’s currently no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, scientists are in agreement that the earlier it is diagnosed, the better the outcome. However, following this latest study, it’s been found that some of the most common ...

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Can your Brain be Tricked into Losing Weight?

Can your Brain be Tricked into Losing Weight

We all know the difficulties associated with losing weight, and often it’s a battle of willpower to stop the cravings and hunger associated with diets. However, all that could be a thing of the past following the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of a device which has been developed to help obese people shed weight. The Maestro Rechargeable System The ...

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A New Player in the Cause of Obesity has Entered the Field

A New Player in the Cause of Obesity

Researchers have recently shed light on a certain protein that may provide an answer to how the brain regulates body weight and its related food intake. This answer brings new understandings that may also lead to improved avenues in obesity treatment. The answer may lie in how a certain protein relates to another protein The protein, called alpha2/delta-1 has previously ...

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The Link between your Brain and your Gut

The Link between your Brain and your Gut

You know that feeling of fullness you get after eating a large meal? Well, scientists have now discovered and mapped the signals that travel the highway between your stomach and your brain, which let your mind know that you’re satiated after a meal rich in protein. Understanding this connection is important for scientists in strategizing future approaches to prevent and ...

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