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New research study shows how ALS may impact neurons as they mature


After discovering that the current version of engineered ALS cells are too immature to accurately represent this neurological disorder, scientists from Cedars-Sinai  Regenerative Medicine Institute have begun to look at ways to develop an improved version. Current ALS stem-cell models are more like immature neurons The researchers found that the current stem-cell model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis has more in ...

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Could a new treatment slow down the progression of Parkinson’s disease?


New research carried out by scientists at the University of Alabama could mean that we’re one step closer to developing a treatment to slow down the progression of Parkinson’s disease. During their study, the researchers discovered that a mutant gene interacts with the alpha synuclein in neurons to cause the typical pathologies seen in the disease. These findings give rise ...

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Researchers uncover why neurons die following stroke


Researchers from the University of Buffalo believe they have discovered what kills the neurons in the brain following a stroke; a discovery which could pave the way to create new highly specific drugs for strokes and other brain injuries. When the brain suffers a stroke, seizure or traumatic injury, there’s the potential for persistent widespread acidity to build up around ...

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Scientists Track The Progress of Alzheimer’s Tau Proteins Using PET Scans


Scientists at UC Berkeley have undertaken a research study using PET scans to track the progressive stages of Alzheimer’s disease; a process which could help the early diagnosis of this neurodegenerative disorder. By scanning 53 adults, the researchers also gained a greater understanding of two proteins linked to Alzheimer’s – tau and beta-amyloid. Of the group, 5 were young adults ...

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Scientists Look At New Approaches For Developing Treatments For Parkinson’s Disease

new treatment

A new study, carried out by researchers at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine together with partners from Munich, Constance and Bochum, aimed to identify the reasons for early ageing of neurons in Parkinson’s patients with a mutated DJ1 gene. This particular defect is known to cause changes in cellular metabolism, thus subjecting the neurons to oxidative stress. We already ...

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Lactate Protects Neurons From Trauma Damage


When we exercise our muscles produce lactate, a waste product of glucose metabolism, in both the muscles and the brain. A team of researchers from EFPL in Switzerland and the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology has found that lactate is able to protect neurons from damage when they’ve suffered acute trauma, such as stroke or injury to the ...

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How Young Brains Form Memories That Last A Lifetime


By watching tiny worms known as Caenorhabditis elegans, researchers at Rockefeller are beginning to understand how the newborn brain creates its memories. These minuscule worms eat a diet of bacteria from the soil, so it’s vital that they’re able to distinguish nutritious microbes from those that are likely to prove toxic. The research carried out by Cori Bargmann and her ...

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Scientists Discover a Way to Connect Neurons With Lasers


A breakthrough technique, where scientists are able to connect neurons using ultra-short laser pulses, has been developed by a team of researchers from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta; a discovery which has significant implications for new medical research. This is the first time that scientists have been able to find a way to bond neurons, the ...

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