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Losing your balance? It could mean an elevated risk of dementia


If your balance appears to be deteriorating as you get older it could mean that you’re at an increased risk of developing dementia, according to scientists from the University of California at Irvine. Their recent study suggests that once you get into your 90s, poor physical performance in certain tasks is linked to an increased risk of developing dementia. As ...

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Does Happiness Depend on the Size of Your Brain?


What does it mean to be happy, and how can we achieve happiness? While the definition of happiness has been an ongoing debate for hundreds of years, if the results of a new Japanese study are anything to go by, it could be that happiness is all down to the size of a specific region of your brain. This latest ...

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Can We Change How Our Brains Perceive The Flavour of Foods?


We all know what chocolate tastes like, or can distinguish the flavour of chicken from cake. However, scientists are now looking at ways to manipulate the neurological perception of taste and odour to see if they can trick our brains into thinking that one food tastes like another. While you may ask why would they want to do that – ...

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Brain’s Secrets Revealed in a New Series of Podcasts

Shhh secret

If you’d like to know more about how our brains work, and the way in which we process information, a new series by NPR promises to reveal more of our brains’ secrets in their weekly podcasts entitled Hidden Brain. A conversation about life’s unseen patterns The podcasts, which last approximately 20 minutes each, will cover a whole range of topics, ...

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Paralysed Volunteer Able To Feel Physical Sensations After A Decade


Researchers at DARPA, the US government’s defence research agency, have been able to restore the feeling of touch in a 28 year old man who was paralysed over ten years ago. Through the use of a prosthetic hand, the volunteer became the first person to ‘feel’ physical touch, although he had already been controlling the prosthetic through his thoughts prior ...

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Scientists Could Be Able to Alter How Our Brain Assesses Justice and Associated Punishments


Scientists from Vanderbilt and Harvard universities have discovered how to alter the part of the brain that deals with punishment. The results of their study, which have been published in a recent edition of the journal Neuron, indicate that it’s possible to stimulate the part of the brain that deals with the assessment of punishment, and therefore influence penalty decisions. ...

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Scans Reveal More Acupuncture Tattoos on the Iceman

Acupuncture Tattoos on the Iceman

Acupuncture has a long history, and although it remains a highly controversial therapy in modern medicine, more evidence has recently been unearthed to show how it was used in the ancient Alps. The mummified remains of a man, sometimes known as Otzi but also referred to as the Iceman, has been scanned using specific photographic imaging which has allowed researchers ...

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