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Gaming camera used to evaluate gait and walking problems in people with MS


While gaming cameras might be thought of as something only gamers can benefit from, scientists from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Centre for Intelligent Machines at McGill University have found that these 3D cameras could also prove beneficial as a tool for evaluating gait and walking problems in people who’ve been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The team worked in ...

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Scientists discover four new risk genes for multiple sclerosis


A new research study carried out by scientists from the Technical University of Munich and the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Germany has indentified four new risk genes for multiple sclerosis. These four newly identified genes appeared to be altered in people with Multiple Sclerosis, indicating that a combination of genetic and environmental factors have an influence on cellular ...

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Could yoga help with the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis?


Far from being an exercise practiced by New Age people, yoga has become very much a mainstream activity and has been credited with all kinds of benefits, from increasing flexibility to reducing stress. Now it’s been found that it can also have a positive influence on some of the symptoms suffered by people with Multiple Sclerosis. According to researchers from ...

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Over the counter drug has potential to reverse vision damage caused by MS

Scientists at the Multiple Sclerosis Center at UC San Francisco have released their findings from a five-month long study conducted to determine whether an over the counter antihistamine, normally used to treat allergies and the common cold, can be of help to MS patients who have suffered damage to their vision. The antihistamine, clemastine fumarate, has the ability to partially ...

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Could Drinking More Coffee Lower Your Risk of Multiple Sclerosis?


Scientists believe that they’ve found a link between drinking approximately six cups of coffee per day and a reduced risk of Multiple Sclerosis, and that this link may be due to the neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties of caffeine. As a central nervous system stimulant, caffeine has the ability to suppress the production of the chemicals involved in the inflammatory response. ...

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Brain Cell Death May Trigger Multiple Sclerosis

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A new study conducted by a team at Northwestern Medicine and The University of Chicago could hold the key to the development of Multiple Sclerosis, as their findings suggest that it may be triggered by the death of the brain cells that insulate the nerve fibres. As a result of their studies, the researchers have developed a nanoparticle technology that ...

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Will Scientists Soon Have The Ability to Palpate The Brain?

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One of the most common techniques used by physicians to examine and explore the human body is palpation. However, one area of the body, the brain, cannot undergo palpation without using some kind of highly invasive procedure, such as a craniotomy (opening up the skull). However, by using techniques usually employed in seismology, researchers at Inserm have now been able ...

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Link Identified Between Sleep Disturbances and MS Related Fatigue


Lauren Strober PhD, a senior research scientist in Neuropsychology and Neuroscience Research at the Kessler Foundation in the United States, has recently conducted a study to explore the association between sleep disturbance in people suffering from multiple sclerosis and secondary fatigue. The conclusions of her study “Fatigue in multiple sclerosis: a look at the role of poor sleep” were published ...

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