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Could The Size of Our Brains Help Us To Predict Whether We’re at Risk of Cognitive Impairment?

Cognitive Impairment (2)

A new study carried out by the Center for Brain Health at Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic has suggested that a having a larger brain may reduce the risk of developing some kind of cognitive impairment, including dementia. The study, which focused on the hippocampi, was led by Aaron Bonner-Jackson and was based on the fact that previous studies into brain health ...

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Will Scientists Soon Have The Ability to Palpate The Brain?

brain (2)

One of the most common techniques used by physicians to examine and explore the human body is palpation. However, one area of the body, the brain, cannot undergo palpation without using some kind of highly invasive procedure, such as a craniotomy (opening up the skull). However, by using techniques usually employed in seismology, researchers at Inserm have now been able ...

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Researchers Develop a Computer System That Can Predict The Effects of Brain Disease

computer system

IT researchers at MIT are developing a computer system that will be able to predict the effects of brain disease on the anatomy of the brain. By using genetic, demographic and clinical data from patients with neurodegenerative diseases, the computer has been programmed to predict the development of brain diseases and disorder with more accuracy than just using data from ...

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Can Staying Physically and Mentally Active Lessen the Risk of Alzheimer’s?


It’s long been thought that regular participation in both physical and mental activities may reduce the risks of developing neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Whether that’s taking part in cardio vascular activities such as running or walking, enjoying the latest science fiction novel, concentrating on building muscles through strength training, or simply applying yourself to a crossword or planting out ...

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Why Watching TV May Harm Your Child’s Brain Development


No doubt we’ve all been guilty of sitting our children in front of the television to catch some much needed peace and quiet, and while we’ve often wondered about the effects of letting our children watch too much TV, we’ve probably dismissed the notion as an old wives’ tale. However, recent studies carried out in Japan have shown that watching ...

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Could Brain Imaging be Used as Legal Evidence in the Future?

While brain imaging can currently be used to extract information from the minds of willing volunteers, could there come a time when we can use it to draw evidence or facts from the brains of unwilling people? That’s the question that the United States Supreme Court will have to answer in the not too distant future. However, while this scenario ...

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Have you Ever had a Feeling of Déjà Vu?

If you’ve ever experienced a feeling of déjà vu, you’ll know just how odd the sensation can be. You’re never quite sure whether the feeling is real or whether it’s all just a trick of the mind. While there have been studies carried out on déjà vu, it’s actually a very difficult area to study as the experience is uncommon ...

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