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Scientists suggest “Use it or Lose it” to guard against memory loss


If you want to retain your memory as you age, it’s important that you keep your brain active. That’s the message we’re getting from researchers from the Iowa State University. Following their discovery that an increase in the levels of a specific protein is associated with increased brain volume and a better memory, they suggest that taking the time to continue with some ...

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Scientists find new protein which can modify our memory and brain function


Researchers from the University of Southern California have developed a new tool that may help to map the connections within the brain and control the activity of the neurons associated with memory.  This means that it could be possible to target and modify brain activity and neuronal connectivity without using chemicals or drugs. While it’s already possible to modulate neuronal ...

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Trial suggests memory loss from Alzheimer’s can be reversed


A small clinical trial carried out by researchers at the University of California, has suggested that it’s possible to reverse the memory loss and cognitive impairment experienced with Alzheimer’s disease. In the trial of just 10 patients with early Alzheimer’s, the researchers found that not only were these improvements long-lasting, but some of the patients were able to return to ...

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Could A Nutritional Drink Help to Conserve The Memory For Some Alzheimer’s Patients?

Nutritional Drink

Following a two-year EU funded study carried out at the University of Eastern Finland, we could be a step closer to finding ways to conserve the memory of some patients with Alzheimer’s disease. By giving patients a daily nutritional drink, researchers have been able to aid memory and cognitive issues, and help participants to perform everyday tasks. Furthermore, it’s been ...

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Research confirms that lifestyle is a contributing factor to developing Alzheimer’s


An increasing amount of research is being undertaken in order to further our understanding of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, including research which looks at the effects of lifestyle on memory loss. A study carried out last year used data from the Einstein Aging Study, which has been monitoring the memory and thinking ability of older people in a New ...

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When Do Dementia Sufferers Lose Awareness of Memory Problems?


According to a new study carried out at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, and published in a recent online edition of Neurology, dementia sufferers may begin to lose awareness of memory problems up to three years before the actual onset of the disease. The study also identified several dementia-related changes in the brain which are associated with a ...

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Five Foods Which Could Affect Your Memory and Cognitive Ability

memory 2

While many of us will choose to eat a particular food because we’re told it’s ‘good’ for us, there are some foods which have been proven to be not so beneficial for our health, with research showing that certain foodstuffs can actually affect some of the functions of the body, particularly when it comes to your memory and cognitive abilities. ...

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Could Peanut Butter be the Key to Detecting Alzheimer’s?

Peanut butter

Some of us prefer crunchy, some prefer creamy and some of us just like to spoon it straight from the jar. What are we talking about? Good old peanut butter. Recent research has shown that our favourite spread could hold the secret to detecting the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Intrigued? Read on. While Alzheimer’s is known for the impact it ...

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Brain Structures Involved in Delayed Gratification Identified

delayed gratification

Researchers at McGill University have been able to identify the specific areas of the brain which are involved in delayed gratification. The study, which was published recently in the European Journal of Neuroscience, was able to demonstrate that the area of the brain associated with memory, the hippocampus, and the area associated with pleasure, the nucleus accumbens, work collectively when ...

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