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REM sleep important for creating memories – in mice


While some scientists have always suspected that we form our memories during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, until now there hasn’t been any direct proof. However a team of researchers from McGill University have recently carried out a study which has shown that REM sleep, the part of sleep when we’re most likely to dream, is important for creating memories ...

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How Young Brains Form Memories That Last A Lifetime


By watching tiny worms known as Caenorhabditis elegans, researchers at Rockefeller are beginning to understand how the newborn brain creates its memories. These minuscule worms eat a diet of bacteria from the soil, so it’s vital that they’re able to distinguish nutritious microbes from those that are likely to prove toxic. The research carried out by Cori Bargmann and her ...

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Scientists Give Us An Excuse to Play 3-D Video Games

3-D video game

According to neurobiologists at the University of California, Irvine, playing three dimensional video games can enable us to make memories more easily. While it’s already known that playing 3-D video games can improve both eye-to-hand coordination and reaction times, this new finding offers a novel way to help those individuals who suffer from dementia or other memory problems. The study ...

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How Does Your Brain Make and Store Memories?


We all have memories; but how does our brain actually make and store memories? The difference between long-term and short-term memory. We’ve all heard the terms long-term and short-term memory. Short-term memory is used to refer to our recollection of things that have happened recently and, while we may think that this covers a period of say the last hour, ...

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How Our Brain Remembers


If you happen to run into someone unexpectedly at your local shopping centre, your brain will create a memory of that particular experience, and link the person you encountered with the place where you saw them. Sounds logical of course, but a recent study has enabled researchers to see the link actually being formed in the brain. In the study, ...

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While you were Sleeping ….. your Brain was Wide Awake

While you were Sleeping ….. your Brain was Wide Awake

Whether you get a good 8 hours sleep every night or you always feel like you could do with an extra hour in bed, there’s no doubt that your body needs sleep to function effectively. But there’s more to sleep than just topping up your energy reserves; your brain needs this time to carry out a variety of tasks that ...

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Could Cocaine be made less Addictive in the Future?

Could Cocaine be made less Addictive in the Future

Recent research suggests that the vivid memories associated with cocaine could be a thing of the past and that, in future, it may be possible to reduce the addictive properties of the drug. The study which came to this conclusion was carried out on rats at Washington State University, with the results being published in the Journal of Neuroscience, which ...

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Why Do we Remember Moments of Fear so Vividly?

Remember Moments of Fear so Vividly

The study of the effects of fear on the mind’s memory is still mired in obscurity and controversy. Some studies claim that when people recall a time when they experienced traumatic fear; their memories are enhanced and their recall is detailed and vivid. Other studies claim that when people recall traumatic experiences; their memories – though detailed – are fragmented. ...

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