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Researchers find way to protect nerve cells from Huntington’s disease

Nerve Cells

A group of researchers from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine believe that they’ve found a way to prevent a rogue protein from initiating energy failure inside the nerve cells of people who have Huntington’s disease. An inherited genetic disorder, Huntington’s is caused when the gene that encodes huntingtin protein becomes mutated. This in turn has a detrimental effect ...

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Researchers reveal role of specific gene in Huntingdon’s and other neurodegenerative diseases


Researchers from the Mount Sinai Hospital have uncovered a defect in the process that controls the expression of the gene which they believe may have a part to play in the development of Huntingdon’s disease. Protein complexes play an important role in this process; some silence genes, while others activate them. The protein complex, known as PRC2 for short, has ...

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