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Research confirms that lifestyle is a contributing factor to developing Alzheimer’s


An increasing amount of research is being undertaken in order to further our understanding of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, including research which looks at the effects of lifestyle on memory loss. A study carried out last year used data from the Einstein Aging Study, which has been monitoring the memory and thinking ability of older people in a New ...

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The Nine Most Common Risk Factors Associated With Alzheimer’s

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A recent study has identified the nine most common risk factors associated with Alzheimer’s; although the good news is that they’re all potentially preventable. While there’s currently no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, scientists are in agreement that the earlier it is diagnosed, the better the outcome. However, following this latest study, it’s been found that some of the most common ...

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How Damaging is Social Isolation?

How Damaging is Social Isolation

Humans are meant to be with other humans. We are social animals. But what happens when one of us is isolated from the rest of the pack? What is the effect on the mind when one is separated from the group for an extended period of time? Studies have shown that isolation is bad for us – physically, emotionally, and ...

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