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The secret to a pain-free life

pain free

Using genetically modified mice, scientists at University College London have found the secret to a painless life. By recreating a rare genetic mutation, the scientists believe they have discovered the pharmaceutical formula which can prevent us from feeling pain. Our nervous system contains channels that enable the electrical signals to pass around our bodies. A 2006 study identified a particular ...

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Hope for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

An international team of researchers are looking at ways to develop non-narcotic treatments to deal with chronic pain. The team, which is led by Boston Children’s Hospital, have found a way to stop the cycle of pain hypersensitivity without the use of addictive drugs. It’s hoped that this research, which was recently published in the journal Neuron, will lead to ...

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Despite Research Chronic Pain Still Remains a Problem

Chronic Pain Still Remains a Problem

With chronic pain affecting more than 100 million people in the United States, researchers are always actively involved in looking for ways to manage and treat this debilitating condition. However, it seems that there’s lots more than can be done in regards to research. At a recent American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) event, ‘Tangled up in Blue: ...

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Scientists Find that Emotional Pain and Physical Pain are Recognised Separately by the Brain

Emotional Pain and Physical Pain

Currently, one fifth of the world is estimated to experience chronic pain in some form. Chronic pain is determined to be a pain that lasts for more than three months. Unfortunately for many sufferers of chronic pain, if a doctor is unable to find a clear cause for their pain, they are often prescribed ineffective treatments such as addictive prescription painkillers. The brain ...

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Scientists Uncover a Lack of Research-based Evidence on the Effectiveness of Opioids for Chronic Pain

Opioids for Chronic Pain

A new study has now documented that there is a serious lack of evidence to the claims that opioid drugs are effective in treating long-term chronic pain. A recent paper from the National Institutes of Health has found that studies previously used to justify prescriptions of these opioid drugs were poorly conducted or of inadequate time duration. This means that ...

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