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Buspirone improves forelimb function in rats with cervical spinal cord injury

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Researchers from UCLA in Los Angeles have recently carried out research to determine whether buspirone, an anti-anxiety medicine, can help to facilitate motor recovery in rats with a spinal cord injury. Buspirone has already been shown to have a beneficial effect on the recovery of stepping ability in rats by modulating the locomotor circuits located in the lumbosacral spinal cord. ...

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Quadriplegic Patients Regain Arm and Hand Movement Following Nerve Transfer Surgery


Following a number of nerve transfer operations, surgeons have been able to report improved arm and hand function in 9 patients with quadriplegia. Their results of their research was published in the latest edition of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. How the surgery is carried out During nerve transfer surgery, a healthy donor nerve is retrieved from above the injury site, ...

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