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New Hope for a Treatment for Alzheimer’s

Following recent research at the University of Cambridge, scientists have discovered two existing licensed drugs which may help to restore protein production in the brain and slow down the its degeneration. The drugs, which were tested on mice, were shown to halt brain degeneration, giving rise to the possibility of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s. The results of the study ...

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Poor Sleep Linked with Alzheimer’s Disease


While we all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep, new research has shown that sleeping soundly for 8 hours may also help to protect the brain against the memory decline seen in conditions such as Alzheimer’s. A reduction in deep non-REM sleep may cause a build up of toxic proteins The study, which was carried ...

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How Spinal Cord Damage may be Affecting the Brain

Researchers at the School of Medicine in the University of Maryland have reported findings that indicate that spinal cord injuries and damage may also lead to a reduction in brain function. In their study, researchers found that spinal cord injuries may be linked to a range of widespread and permanent brain inflammation and degeneration resulting in loss of nerve cells ...

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How Mediation May Help in Preserving Grey Matter

Preserving Grey Matter

World life expectancy has risen considerably since the year 1970. People are now living up to ten years longer today than they did forty five years ago. Another discovery has also been made – that the brains of people in their twenties have begun to wither. The weight and volume of their brains is decreasing, and this can lead to a loss ...

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