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Mathematical Models Used to Analyse The Brain Cells Associated With Dementia

Mathematical Models

A collaborative team of researchers from the Institute of Neuroscience at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston have carried out an extensive analysis of the spatial distribution of the brain cells that ensure the correct functioning of the neurons. The research contradicts previous theories which suggest that astrocytes devour amyloid plaques Contrary to previous ...

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New Discoveries may Help with the Future of Spinal Problems

Future of Spinal Problems

T he Journal of Clinical Investigation reports that research into human astrocytes may help those suffering from neurodegenerative conditions including ALS, as well as with spinal cord injuries. These discoveries, originating in research conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, reveals that these cells may be more important to spinal regeneration than ever before. Astrocytes cells are star-shaped, and appear all ...

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