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Scientists discover why there’s a rapid build up of amyloid plaques in the Alzheimer brain


Researchers from the University of Cambridge have just completed a study which may help us to understand more about the mechanism underlying the rapid build up of amyloid proteins in people with Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, they believe that it may be possible to control this mechanism. The foundation of life is dependent on the ability of our biological molecules to replicate ...

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Major Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease Identified


An international team of scientists have identified two specific types of bacteria and a specific virus as major causes of Alzheimer’s disease. Their research, was has just been published online in the Journal of Alzheimer’s disease, not only indicates that certain microbes have a major part to play, but that further research is vital to trial anti-microbial treatments for the ...

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Plaques Associated With Alzheimer’s Found in The Brains of People With Head Injuries

head injury

Scientists from the Department of Medicine at Imperial College London have just released the results of a study which show that the protein clumps or amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease have also been found in the brains of middle-aged people who have suffered a head injury. While previous studies have shown that these plaques are present shortly after a ...

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Inflammation-Reducing Chemicals Could be the Key to Treating Alzheimer’s


We’re one step closer to finding a treatment for Alzheimer’s thanks to researchers at Southampton University. Their latest study has shown that it’s possible to use inflammation-reducing chemicals to prevent problems with both memory and behaviour in mice with diseased brains, giving hope that this treatment can be modified for use with humans. Inflammation found to be a driver of ...

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Mathematical Models Used to Analyse The Brain Cells Associated With Dementia

Mathematical Models

A collaborative team of researchers from the Institute of Neuroscience at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston have carried out an extensive analysis of the spatial distribution of the brain cells that ensure the correct functioning of the neurons. The research contradicts previous theories which suggest that astrocytes devour amyloid plaques Contrary to previous ...

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Magnesium Ions May Slow Down The Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease


New research recently reported in the December issue of The FASEB Journal suggests that it may be possible to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease using magnesium ions. The research, which was carried out by scientists at the Department of Life Science and Health at Shenyang in China, showed that magnesium ions were able to alleviate cognitive decline in ...

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The Difficulties in Diagnosing and Treating Alzheimer’s Disease

Diagnosing and Treating Alzheimer’s Disease

Until scientists have a clear understanding of what Alzheimer’s disease is, we’re unlikely to find a treatment. That’s the claim being made by Reisa Sperling, a professor of neurology at Harvard University. While we can see the effects of Alzheimer’s and predict how it will progress, we still don’t know much about the reasons why it affects certain people or ...

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