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How a new therapy can help Alzheimer’s patients to remember names

Alzheimer's disease

A new telemedicine speech therapy program has been developed by Northwestern University which helps people with dementia to improve their recall of words and names. For patients with Alzheimer’s disease, one of the most distressing aspects of the disease can be the inability to remember names or find the appropriate words they need in certain situations. However, this problem often goes untreated as ...

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Could A Nutritional Drink Help to Conserve The Memory For Some Alzheimer’s Patients?

Nutritional Drink

Following a two-year EU funded study carried out at the University of Eastern Finland, we could be a step closer to finding ways to conserve the memory of some patients with Alzheimer’s disease. By giving patients a daily nutritional drink, researchers have been able to aid memory and cognitive issues, and help participants to perform everyday tasks. Furthermore, it’s been ...

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