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Action on Stroke Month

Supporting Action on Stroke Month

May was Action on Stroke Month in the UK, with many people throughout the country showing their support for the Stroke Association by joining in activities designed to ‘Make May Purple’. Action on Stroke Month aimed to not only promote stroke awareness and prevention, but to raise vital funds for the charity too, and saw a large number of supporters getting involved in all kinds of different ways.

Award winning chef turned taste buds purple with a delicious blackcurrant mousse

One of the most high profile participants was award winning baker and chef, Richard Bertinet, who created and shared his recipe for a scrumptious blackcurrant mousse. Bertinet, who runs a Bath based cookery school and artisan bakery was eager to be involved. After realising that around 30% of people who suffer from stroke are aged 65 and under, he set about creating a recipe which he hopes will raise much needed money for the Stroke Association and ensure that they get the support that they deserve.

Walkers expressed their support by dressing up and ‘stepping out’ in purple

Throughout May, the Stroke Association encouraged the public to ‘Make May Purple’, through a range of activities including cooking, gardening and dressing up, with many people organising their own events to support the charity. In Chester, more than 150 people turned up for the Step Out for Stroke Event, raising almost £2000 for the charity by walking around Grosvenor Park. The event was organised by the regional fundraiser, Laura McMullin and supported by the outgoing Lord Mayor of Chester, and aimed to celebrate the brave steps taken by stroke survivors during their recovery.

Stroke now the leading cause of severe adult disability

Over 152,000 people suffer from stroke in the UK every year, and it has become the leading cause of severe adult disability, with over 1.2 million people in the UK, now living with the effects of stroke. Caused by a clot or bleeding in the brain, a stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain in cut off and, depending on its severity, can affect a sufferer physically, emotionally and also their ability to communicate.

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