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MND Association – General Election Campaign 2015

The Motor Neurone Disiease Association is urging everyone to take action to help make sure people with MND don’t die without a voice.

80-95% of people living with MND will experience some loss of speech before they die. Too many people experience significant delays in getting the right communication equipment, leaving some people with MND to die without a voice. This is, of course, unacceptable and MNDA need all of our help to change this.

Their ‘Don’t let me die without a voice’ campaign manifesto is powerful and thought provoking, centred as it is around a video of Charlie Fletcher, who is living with MND, in which she talks candidly about why having a voice is important to her. Watch it by clicking here.

The campaign materials work upon the basis that in a few months time we will be electing our MPs in the 2015 general election, and so now is our chance to influence candidates standing and ask them to commit to working alongside MNDA on this important issue.

It only takes 2 minutes to send an email to your candidates urging them to read the manifesto for themselves.

For more information visit the MNDA website – here.

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