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Helpful Leaflets from Brain Tumour Action

Helpful Leaflets from Brain Tumour Action

A brain tumour and the treatment necessary to deal with it will cause significant changes in the lives of those affected. Adjustment to these changes may be easier if everyone involved has some idea of what to expect and reassurance that there are resources to support them.

Brain Tumour Action has some very helpful leaflets available to either read online or download – click here.

This is an extract from their leaflet ‘Living with a brain tumour':

The first step in trying to come to terms with the diagnosis of a brain tumour is to be given accurate, understandable medical information about the disease and its treatment options.

This information should be obtained from a doctor experienced in treating people with brain tumours. Never be afraid to ask questions or to seek explanations for words or terminology you don’t understand. The feelings of helplessness and lack of control that are so common following diagnosis can often be reduced if you and your next-of-kin actively participate in decision-making regarding your care and treatment.

Once the diagnosis is confirmed it helps to share the news with those close to you. Whenever possible, you should be accompanied to the doctor by a family member or friend. Having someone with you at every appointment actually serves two purposes: the second person can give you much needed moral support and they can be a great help reminding you of questions you may want to ask and noting down the information you are given.

This is a stressful time for you and you may find you do not recall everything that is said by your doctor. But having a written record allows you to reflect on the appointment later on when you’re feeling more relaxed. Being able to share your concerns with the doctor is very important; you will probably have many questions that require straightforward and honest answers.

Other leaflets include: information specifically about children’s tumours, fact and figures and many more.

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