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Serious or catastrophic injuries have a life-changing impact on you and your family, so it is essential to have a team of specialists on your side to guide you through your claim. Thompsons’ serious injury team will provide you with access to expert support to ensure rehabilitation and recovery is as swift as possible. We have never acted for insurers and never will. We think that makes a real difference to our perspective and our willingness to fight hard.

Being dedicated exclusively to supporting the most seriously injured, our solicitors have built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Our team has an unrivalled client-focused service and this gives us the most comprehensive understanding of each client’s needs, now and in the future.

The solicitors in our team work closely with our specialist client support coordinators who provide support and guidance to clients. We also work with dedicated case managers and highly experienced medical and other experts for each type of injury. Our specialist Court of Protection team is able to provide advice and guidance in cases where an injured person is unable to manage their own financial affairs.

Serious injuries cause disruption which can last a long time and cause financial uncertainty. Our solicitors will aim to secure interim payments of compensation as your claim develops, for example, to replace lost wages and pay for necessary rehabilitation and support.

We fight to secure the maximum amount of compensation possible so that by the end of your claim, you and your family will have the financial security you need for the future. Our specialist team will also provide advice on benefits that are available and the best way to access them. According to Headway, the brain injury association, someone is admitted to hospital in the UK with an acquired brain injury every 90 seconds.

The effects of a brain injury can vary and symptoms may include cognitive difficulties, memory loss, poor concentration, permanent brain damage and physical disability.

Our team will help you and your family to make a claim for compensation to cover the cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation, changes in lifestyle, and the financial impact of a brain injury.

We work closely with experts who provide additional advice and support. This can include case managers who co-ordinate rehabilitation care; support workers who help patients and their families at home and in the community; disability architects who adapt an individual’s surroundings such as their home; occupational and other therapists who give expert guidance to help with an individual’s recovery, and job coaches who assist individuals with their return to work.