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Head injuries can give rise to a variety of symptoms and conditions depending on a number of factors including the severity of the assault to the head and the location of the injury itself.

The risk of brain injury is probably the greatest concern for anyone who suffers a head injury. The different effects of traumatic brain injury can vary from damage to the nerve fibres in the central brain leading to coma or damage to particular parts of the brain affecting the use of limbs. The injury may also lead to speech and language impairment as well as changes in personality, cognitive functioning and behavioural problems.

Identifying the nature of the brain injury in less severe cases is not always straight forward and damage will not always be obvious upon scans or imaging. In cases of mild to moderate traumatic brain injury neuropsychological assessment may be required to identify the exact nature of the injury and what treatment may be appropriate.

Where the brain injury is more severe this may result in a loss of mental capacity so that the victim will not have the ability to manage their own affairs. In such circumstances any personal injury compensation obtained on their behalf would have to be approved by a Judge and lodged with the Court of Protection. In addition a financial report may also be required in order to consider the appropriateness of periodical payments as opposed to compensation in a single lump sum.

At Sintons our specialist personal injury solicitors have a wealth of experience in pursuing claims for compensation arising from head and brain injuries. In addition our substantial expert database ensures that the nature of the injury is fully considered and that appropriate treatment and rehabilitation is obtained.

Sintons are recognised by Headway and the Northern Acquired Brain Injury Forum as specialists in head and brain injury compensation claims.