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Brain injuries are amongst the most devastating of all injuries. Whilst even relatively minor head injuries can cause far-reaching effects, the most severe brain injuries are sudden, unexpected and often life-changing, affecting not only those unfortunate to be injured but also those closest to them.

Personalities can change, mood swings may increase and many are no longer able to perform the simple daily tasks that they once could. Employment may no longer be possible; financial worries can mount; family and close relationships may come under strain, and education can be halted in its tracks.

If you or someone you know is in this situation, we at Serious Law understand what you’re going through. We appreciate how important support is for anyone adjusting to life after brain injury, and we’re here to help you.

Serious Law is recognised as a leading firm in the Legal 500. Our sole area of practice is high-level injury cases including acquired and traumatic brain injury, and our expertise achieves regular multi-million pound compensation awards to give our clients life-long financial stability.

Furthermore, the service you receive goes beyond acclaimed serious injury legal representation. With Serious Law, you're helped with every aspect of your recovery, and we come to see you wherever you are in the country. We organise care, rehabilitation and life skills; you get any essential custom aids and appliances; we arrange adapted vehicle purchases, implement housing adaptations, and if necessary, help you with buying and moving into more suitable accommodation.

Whatever is needed for you and your case, we help to put in place. We understand how difficult life is during what is often called the ‘hidden disability’, so we lift the burden from you, bringing you peace of mind and a secure future after brain injury.