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Glasgow, Ashfield House, 402 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JD

At Peacock Johnston, we provide you with a Law Society of Scotland Personal Injury or Clinincal / Medical Negligence Claimant Accredited Specialist service. As with all our practice areas, our personal injury and medical negligence teams aim to understand you, as our client, in order to provide you with a personalised, practical and affordable service. We fully appreciate that many of our clients are more concerned about returning to health than compensation. With this in mind, we encourage the insurance company liable for your injury to make movements towards providing you with private rehabilitation.

In the event that you are successful in your claim where appropriate, we seek to protect your future interests by establishing a Personal Injury Trust, so that any state benefits you may receive in the future are not jeopardised because you were awarded compensation."