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At Mayo Wynne Baxter we have particular experience in dealing with claimants with brain and other catastrophic injuries. We have particular experience in dealing with several multi million pound claims. These claims need very specialist skills from legal advisers used to dealing with the complex expert evidence involved in the investigation of those claims and the complex issues that arise.

The impact of brain injury can be very diverse. In some cases the injured person may be left with very obvious physical disabilities. However the consequences are often subtle and may not be immediately obvious to others. The injured person may be left with problems of memory, anxiety, loss of temper, organisation or depression and family may find that the injured person is simply not the person they once knew. It is important that these “hidden” disabilities are fully understood to ensure that the injured person is properly compensated and provided with the help and rehabilitation they need.

We are members of the Brain Injury Group (BIG)a national network of specialist brain injury lawyers and support services. BIG seeks to provide a complete package of support for brain injured people and their families.

We also have experience in dealing with experts from the wide range of disciplines that may be involved in brain and other catastrophic injury cases. These may include experts from disciplines such as:

neurology neuropsychology neuroradiology physiotherapy speech and language therapy prosthetics occupational therapy accommodation education employment assistive technology and IT care finance and investment Interim payments

While financial compensation is clearly the key objective of any personal injury claim we are also very aware that practical support with a number of aspects can be crucial in relieving some of the more serious consequences of injury. With this in mind we have established special relationships with other service providers to assist our clients and to ensure that in appropriate circumstances they receive practical and specialist support they need.

We can arrange for a leading provider of Case Management, Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation Services to carry out, free of charge, an urgent practical needs assessment and then report on the immediate needs of clients who have suffered brain or other serious injuries. This report may help identify steps that can be taken to secure therapy to assist rehabilitation or other practical measures to support the injured person and their family. The report may also provide the basis for further negotiations with the Defendant to secure from the Defendant either practical or financial assistance in meeting the needs identified.

People who have suffered serious injury and their families may need long term support in dealing with a whole range of practical issues. The appointment of a Case Manager can sometimes be vital in providing and securing that support. Case managers may assist by dealing with a whole range of issues such as:

Identifying and recruiting appropriate therapy recruiting and managing carers to provide care for the injured person dealing with statutory authorities to secure state funded equipment and services liaising with private therapists and experts to identify and secure equipment and services such as wheelchairs, physiotherapy etc liaising with education authorities in relation to statements of special educational needs taking other steps to ensure the welfare of the injured person. We can assist you in identifying and recruiting a case manager in appropriate cases.

In very serious cases the severity of the injuries suffered may be such that the Claimant is not going to have the mental capacity to manage their financial affairs. “Deputy” is the name given to a person appointed by the Court of Protection to manage the legal and financial affairs of a person who has lost the mental capacity to do so themselves. A Deputy is required where no Attorney has been appointed by either an Enduring or Lasting Power of Attorney. The Deputy can be a family member, friend or professional. Once appointed the Deputy must act at all times in the best interests of the Protected Person.

We can assist in advising individuals appointed as Deputies.

Our team also includes experienced professional Deputies. They can be appointed as Deputy where there is no suitable family member or where the family or the Court prefer that a professional be given the responsibility of managing the financial affairs.

Our experience in dealing with clients who have complicated needs arising from brain injury is vital in ensuring their needs are met from any award of compensation and that the cost of meeting those needs is reflected in the size of any award.