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Bristol, One Castlepark, Tower Hill, Bristol, BS2 0JA

Head and brain injuries can be very severe and have a lasting impact on how you live your life in any number of ways, including your education or work, your family life and your day to day living.

With such a serious injury, it is important to get advice from real experts. Our specialist serious injury team have helped thousands of clients to make head injury compensation claims, giving them the funds they need to make the necessary changes to their lifestyle.

We also recognise that money alone won’t solve all the problems you face, so we can help with a range of other services, including helping you access high-quality rehabilitation and support.

We know from dealing with many clients who have suffered from head and brain injuries just how much these injuries can affect your life. We have seen clients with an enormous range of symptoms and this has helped us to develop our knowledge of the problems that our clients can face on a daily basis.

We have a team of specialist serious injury solicitors who are dedicated to helping people who have suffered a head or brain injury and a national reputation as a leading specialist in this area. We have helped thousands of clients to recover money and ensured that they received the best possible medical care, specialist support and rehabilitation possible.