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An acquired brain injury can be a distressing time for both the individual involved and their family. Unfortunately, on some occasions, the injury may have been caused by someone else’s negligence. This is where our experienced team of personal injury solicitors can help. We can provide specialist advice to the injured person, or their family, to bring a claim for damages.

Our experience of handling acquired brain injury claims means we are able to call upon a wide selection of experts to provide advice on what the injured person may need in order to provide for their future.

Over the years, we have had extensive experience dealing with a wide range of brain injury claims, from maximum severity or catastrophic brain injury, to cases where the effects of a brain injury are more subtle.

If appropriate, our private client team will also be able to assist with the management of compensation payments, in order to safeguard the funds for the longer term.

We have also represented clients who had:

  • Catastrophic brain injury following brain surgery
  • Brain damage due to negligent neonatal care
  • Brain damage due to anaesthetic negligence