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Scientists identify gene signature in the area of the brain susceptible to Alzheimer’s


Scientists from the prestigious Cambridge University have identified a specific signature of a collection of genes in the area of the brain that’s most susceptible to Alzheimer’s. This signature mimics the way in which the disease spreads through the brain as individuals age, and gives hope that we’ll be able to discover more about the molecular origins of Alzheimer’s. It’s also hoped that this ...

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Scientists suggest “Use it or Lose it” to guard against memory loss


If you want to retain your memory as you age, it’s important that you keep your brain active. That’s the message we’re getting from researchers from the Iowa State University. Following their discovery that an increase in the levels of a specific protein is associated with increased brain volume and a better memory, they suggest that taking the time to continue with some ...

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Scientists recreate the start and spread of Parkinson’s in the brain


Two of the most asked questions surrounding Parkinson’s disease are, where does it start and is it possible to stop it in the early stages? Now scientists from the Van Andel Research Institute have developed a new model of Parkinson’s which clearly demonstrates how the abnormal alpha-synuclein proteins gradually work their way from the areas of the brain known to ...

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Scientists gain further insights into cause of Parkinson’s via human brain recordings


Researchers from Emory University in Atlanta have been successful in systematically recording neural activity within the striatum of the human brain.   The striatum is a deep brain structure that’s known to play a major role in both cognitive and motor function. In Parkinson’s disease, both of these functions are compromised leading to issues with neuron-firing which in turn affects ...

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Why eating a Mediterranean diet could slow down cognitive decline


While most of us have heard of the benefits of eating a Mediterranean diet for weight loss and our general health, many researchers believe that this kind of eating plan could also work wonders for slowing down the rate of cognitive decline. In fact, a new research study carried out by Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne suggests that not only do people ...

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Scientists identify two new areas of the brain associated with ALS

ALS Brain Scan

Scientists from the University of Bath have identified two regions in mouse brains where the gene that’s implicated in ALS is expressed, giving hope that we’re one step closer to finding new treatments and a possible cure for the disease. There is currently no cure for ALS which is more commonly known as Motor Neurone Disease . This is the ...

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Could a single gene protect us from neurodegenerative diseases?


It’s already known that protein ‘clumps’ can cause a variety of neurodegenerative diseases, from Alzheimer’s to Parkinson’s, but now researchers believe that they’ve identified how our cells protect themselves from these clumps. The study, carried out by a team from the University of Glasgow in collaboration with University of Dundee, involved compressing neurons inside a 3-D culture while continuously monitoring ...

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Lower weight in older people may increase their risk of Alzheimer’s


A new study carried out by researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital has suggested that there may be a link between a lower body mass index (BMI) and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s in older people. From their study, the team found that greater deposits of beta-amyloid plaques normally associated with Alzheimer’s disease were found in ...

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